Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Heat and the 4th

Is anyone else in North Carolina? If you are not, allow me to update you. Its hot. Fry a freakin' egg on the road hot.... And clearly its not just here. My main news source, wral.com, broke it to me yesterday: This Summer is What Global Warming is Like.

No kidding.

With all this warmth and UV rays, how are we supposed to get out and celebrate America's birthday? If its 105 with no clouds in the sky (thank goodness that forecast from a few days ago has changed) how can you even go outside.

Its enough to make me think about skipping out on fireworks this year.

Do we really want to take the kids out into a big crowd? Chase a toddler around, stay out "late" and then deal with the traffic getting home (never mind the drunk people that think they can drive!).

Its enough to make me want to watch on tv from the comfort of my couch. It really is.

But that is probably not what we'll do.

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