Thursday, July 26, 2012


When we went on vacation to the Bahama's a few weeks ago we took Big Girl snorkeling. It was a completely fantastic experience.

Our boat left from the Hilton in Nassau. There is no way to describe this place other than downright beautiful. I couldn't get a picture of the whole thing from, but here is a shot from their own site.
Seriously y'all. We were here. Has to have been one of the coolest places I've ever been.

We went with Blue Hole Water Sports and the boat went out with just six people on it. So much better than my prior snorkeling experience on spring break in college with 100+ people! This was small with a really great guide.

The fit us for our gear before we got in the boat to make sure everything worked correctly and fit us just right. While they fitted people one-by-one we got to hang out on the totally awesome beach!! Then, our captain Mark took us to two different locations.

At six, my daughter is a pretty strong swimmer.

She jumped right out of the boat and into the water and was off. The coral and fish and even just the scenery off the side of the boat were amazing.

At one point our guide asked if we wanted the fish to come closer and threw out fish food. The little guys came right up to us. It was amazing.

BG asked if it was okay to pet them. (Which made him chuckle.) So, he save her a handful of food that she dropped around her belly. The fish of course came right up and she got to pet them.

After the snorkeling ended we got a quick (about 15 minutes) side trip through Atlantis. More amazingness.

Totally in awe I forgot to take pictures until we were leaving.
It was a fantastic experience at a great price. If you head to Freeport, look them up. Blue Hole Water Sports. 

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