Monday, July 23, 2012

The Ocean and the Sand

My son loves to be outside. Any activity. He is fussy, you say, "Want to go outside?" and he is happy again.
So, we were looking forward to his second trip to the beach. Outside. Sand to play in, wind (he couldn't get enough in Chicago). Plus the fact that he loved it. last year.

So. We thought the beach would be fun for him.

Not so much.

He didn't like the loose sand. He didn't like the wet sand. He didn't like the firmly packed and slightly damp sand for more than 10 minutes and wouldn't sit on it for anything. He didn't like the waves. He didn't like the water.

Pretty much the only thing that he liked was his shovel and bucket and sitting in his little froggy chair with his legs sticking out in front of him.

After a few days we convinced him (with flip fops and t-shirt on) to squat and dig in the dirt.

Dirt. We couldn't call it sand. He would flip out.
It made me sad. My daughter and hubby love the beach. Since her first steps on the sand together, they've been inseparable.

Cuteness back in 2007!
I like sitting on the beach and watching them play and being alone with my thoughts. Its fantastic. It leads to napping. I also like going for walks. And napping on the beach.

The view from under our tent.... If only I'd gotten to spend more time here!
So, while LM and I spend short intervals on the beach (no more than two a day) the rest of the crew had fun, we enjoyed the air conditioning and snuggles and snacks.

Not the traditional beach trip, but it was ours.... and we are already thinking about next year!


  1. Love the pics!

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  2. My youngest was like that in the beginning as well. Now he loves the sand...good luck!

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    One Chic Mom