Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Laughing and Crying

Every once in a while something happens that makes we laugh so hard that I cry. It used to happen more often. When Big Girl was in preschool there were times when I was crying and trying to parent at the same time about once a week. With tears streaming down my face, squashing the giggles, I would pull of fantastic feats of parenting.

The day we were at the playground and she unwrapped her snack and buried it in the ground.... I looked at her, and having watched Curious George earlier that morning, knowing that she was saving the snack for later, just like George and Jumpy the Squirrel. (Season 1, Episode 9) I tried to talk through it with her. I think I got as far as, "what are you doing honey?" before I had to turn around and stop the giggles and tears.

That day I just let her bury her snack bar. I talked to her later and explained that while it worked out for squirrels, people should really not put snacks in the ground.... because you know, bugs live there, and while she is great at sharing, its probably not the best idea to share food with bugs.

Looking back I ask myself what I was thinking. We don't put food in the ground because its not a good idea to share with bugs. Seriously. Not it will spoil, or it will be full of germs. Nope. I covered sharing with bugs.

... Now Little Man is getting to that age.

The other night we were distracted by the missing library book discovery (P.S. I forgot to turn it in, so now its overdue anyway!) that we left the door to the garage open.

The next thing I knew Little Man had the huge flying disk inside.

He learned how to throw the Frisbee outside earlier this summer - and has become quite successful at it. and, thus far avoided disaster. No trees. No injuries. Good times. Thus far.

Back to the other night.

He grabbed the disk from the toy boy, ran up the few stairs and into the playroom. Very happy and very giggly. He got to the middle of the room, yelled "Ma."

Before I could stand up from the floor or get the words out of my mouth to hubby, "he is gonna throw that. All that work teaching him, and he is gonna get it to seriously fly in the house."

Just as the word "house" came out of my mouth, and I was standing up all of the way. BAM!

Frisbee in the face. The forehead and eye specifically.

It has a soft foam edge. It really didn't work, but I had to turn around because I was crying instead of laughing. I tried to say something to him.

I thin it was, "Don't throw the Frisbee at Mommy."

But I just couldn't keep it together. So, I turned around. As I was collecting myself Hubby told the kids to go give me hugs because I was hurt badly. The climbed on top of me. Burying me with hugs.

Ha. He thought he was so funny. He took the Frisbee back outside.

Don't throw the Frisbee at Mommy. Never mind your Dad or sister or friends. Go ahead an throw it at them. Brilliant. Never mind the house. Never mind the big 'ol TV that was spared by my face catching the Frisbee. I came up with "Don't throw the Frisbee at Mommy."

It seems the funnier the kids are, the worse my parenting. That's okay. Because, these silly times are some of my favorite memories.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Listening Ears and The Missing Book

For a minute earlier this evening I thought I was a genius.

Pure and simple, a genius.

We had a missing library book. I'd been getting e-mails that it was due today, and soon it would be overdue.

I asked her to look for the book, but she was only half looking. Actually, she was just wondering around the house, not really looking for the missing book at all.

So I said, "If I find the book I'm gonna eat candy and you're not." Mature. I know. At least I followed it with, "and if you find the book then you get candy."

Suddenly she sprang into action. As she dashed up the stairs I reminder her that the book we were looking for was about good listening. She said, "I know. I know."


Then she was downstairs tearing apart the playroom, then out to my car. Then back upstairs to her brother's room.

Then we started looking. Under the couch. In the diaper bag. Seriously, where could this book be?

She ran back in and told us that she gave up.

So I reminded her again, "its the book about listening. I think it had a green cover."

Then it happened. The line of the night. "Oh. That book is in the car Mommy. I thought we were looking for the other book."

The other book? What other book?

Ummmm. Yea.

She didn't listen, so she couldn't find the book about the importance of listening.

This is my life. Every day. I seriously couldn't make this stuff up.

So, while she read the book (and then explained to me the lesson of the book!) I pulled out the candy.

White mystery flavor Airhead. Yum.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

His Best Buddy

Little Man has a best friend. He sees him every week day. As soon as he sees T he is ready for me to "go go mama."

But he has been a little sad recently, and even going to the back door looking for his buddy.

See, T is our sitter's son and she was off for a few weeks.

He is a sweet boy. He gives big hugs, romps on the floor and teaches LM everything a toddler could want to know about being a preschooler.

You know. Things like how to drive cars through your sisters' hair and how to beat up a tree with a stick. Then there is the useful stuff like how to sneak up and tickle someone and real pirate words that moms just don't know because all we hear is background noise after the first few episodes of Jake and the Neverland Pirates.

Oh. I'm the only one that tunes out Jake. I think I'm fine with that.

At any rate, he misses his best buddy. But.... the reason he's gone for a few weeks is about the best reason ever to be gone. He had a baby sister.

Not him actually, his mom. But you know.

We wish Big T and his baby sister well. And. We won't totally leave you alone while you're on maternity leave.


We love you too much!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Another Birthday

Every birthday deserves a celebration. If you're six or 46 or 96. Birthdays are a celebration of life. They are a celebration of accomplishments and the love of family and friends.

Today my Dad would have celebrated his birthday. Today we would have celebrated with him. If he were here we would have met for dinner and without any doubt dessert.

He loved his family so much, and cherished the time that we spent together.

So, today, we celebrated his birthday the way we celebrated so many birthdays when he was here. A busy day of keeping up with work and kids and day-to-day life. Then, we wrapped it up with his favorite after dinner snack - frozen custard.

It was a small celebration, just Hubby and I this year.

Big Girl missed him so much that days like this are tough on her. Little Man never met him. They have so much in common, including a name, but not a love for frozen deserts.

Even though he's been gone for more than two years, today is his day.

I love you Dad!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Picture This

Little Man has been talking for awhile. He has become quite the master of communicating in a combination of sign language, grunts and one and two word phrases. Plus there is the goofiness.

Did you poop? Nope.
Are you sure? Ma.
You are smelly. Hahaha.


But that is normal toddler stuff.

His first full sentence. Well, not quite the normal toddler stuff.

Let me set the stage.

Its breakfast time. The kids are sitting at the bar in the kitchen and the TV is on Sports Center. I'm pretty sure they are watching top plays.

Hubby gave them both waffles and milk and I was over on the other side of the kitchen making my own breakfast.

So, the kids backs are to both of us.

Big Girl is eating her breakfast. So, I think its all going fine.

Then LM starts. In his deep baby voice. He yells, "Momma."

Oh great I think. His favorite phrase, I'm gonna hear it about ten times in a row.

Instead, its just once more, "Momma I want eggs."


You don't speak in sentences. But he did.

I was so proud. I didn't know if I should hug him or run over and start cooking eggs. So, I do both.

Hugs, then I start cooking.

How can a day possibly not go well when you start it off with an accomplishment like that?