Thursday, August 23, 2012

His Best Buddy

Little Man has a best friend. He sees him every week day. As soon as he sees T he is ready for me to "go go mama."

But he has been a little sad recently, and even going to the back door looking for his buddy.

See, T is our sitter's son and she was off for a few weeks.

He is a sweet boy. He gives big hugs, romps on the floor and teaches LM everything a toddler could want to know about being a preschooler.

You know. Things like how to drive cars through your sisters' hair and how to beat up a tree with a stick. Then there is the useful stuff like how to sneak up and tickle someone and real pirate words that moms just don't know because all we hear is background noise after the first few episodes of Jake and the Neverland Pirates.

Oh. I'm the only one that tunes out Jake. I think I'm fine with that.

At any rate, he misses his best buddy. But.... the reason he's gone for a few weeks is about the best reason ever to be gone. He had a baby sister.

Not him actually, his mom. But you know.

We wish Big T and his baby sister well. And. We won't totally leave you alone while you're on maternity leave.


We love you too much!

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