Monday, August 27, 2012

Listening Ears and The Missing Book

For a minute earlier this evening I thought I was a genius.

Pure and simple, a genius.

We had a missing library book. I'd been getting e-mails that it was due today, and soon it would be overdue.

I asked her to look for the book, but she was only half looking. Actually, she was just wondering around the house, not really looking for the missing book at all.

So I said, "If I find the book I'm gonna eat candy and you're not." Mature. I know. At least I followed it with, "and if you find the book then you get candy."

Suddenly she sprang into action. As she dashed up the stairs I reminder her that the book we were looking for was about good listening. She said, "I know. I know."


Then she was downstairs tearing apart the playroom, then out to my car. Then back upstairs to her brother's room.

Then we started looking. Under the couch. In the diaper bag. Seriously, where could this book be?

She ran back in and told us that she gave up.

So I reminded her again, "its the book about listening. I think it had a green cover."

Then it happened. The line of the night. "Oh. That book is in the car Mommy. I thought we were looking for the other book."

The other book? What other book?

Ummmm. Yea.

She didn't listen, so she couldn't find the book about the importance of listening.

This is my life. Every day. I seriously couldn't make this stuff up.

So, while she read the book (and then explained to me the lesson of the book!) I pulled out the candy.

White mystery flavor Airhead. Yum.

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