Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Picture This

Little Man has been talking for awhile. He has become quite the master of communicating in a combination of sign language, grunts and one and two word phrases. Plus there is the goofiness.

Did you poop? Nope.
Are you sure? Ma.
You are smelly. Hahaha.


But that is normal toddler stuff.

His first full sentence. Well, not quite the normal toddler stuff.

Let me set the stage.

Its breakfast time. The kids are sitting at the bar in the kitchen and the TV is on Sports Center. I'm pretty sure they are watching top plays.

Hubby gave them both waffles and milk and I was over on the other side of the kitchen making my own breakfast.

So, the kids backs are to both of us.

Big Girl is eating her breakfast. So, I think its all going fine.

Then LM starts. In his deep baby voice. He yells, "Momma."

Oh great I think. His favorite phrase, I'm gonna hear it about ten times in a row.

Instead, its just once more, "Momma I want eggs."


You don't speak in sentences. But he did.

I was so proud. I didn't know if I should hug him or run over and start cooking eggs. So, I do both.

Hugs, then I start cooking.

How can a day possibly not go well when you start it off with an accomplishment like that?

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