Thursday, September 27, 2012

Birthday Cake

Today was/is my hubby's birthday.

In the middle of the day I let him know about a special birthday surprise.

Okay, so I had nothing to do with it, but it was pretty cool that Google had a birthday cake on the front page on his birthday.

I also surprised him with a home made carrot cake. It was no small feat of working mom magic to get off from work, shop for ingredients (if I bought them during the normal weekly grocery trip he would have know = no surprise), shredded carrots, melted chocolate.... cake and frosting from scratch. Unfortunately he picked today to come home from work early, so I assembled the cake in a rush so it would be ready when he walked in the door.

He opened the presents and turned back to the cake to find it looking like this.

Warm cake + warm frosting = disaster.

I knew this. I put the cake together anyway. I thought that maybe. Just maybe the universe would be nice to me today... But no such luck.


  1. The cake photo is hilarious (although I'm sorry...I know how much effort this takes!) Stuff like this always happens to me...hope you guys enjoyed the day! xx- Monica

  2. I think thats still better than what I could do!