Friday, September 7, 2012

Easy Wreath

My crafty side is making a comeback folks.

Its gonna be better than the NKOTB tour in 1998. With the album now going for $0.01 on Amazon, I'm feelin' that my odds are good.

Yea. That was a bad joke. Don't ask how I knew how much The Block was selling for - without googling it for this post. Just don't.

The thing is. My crafty side is pretty awesome.

I like having fresh eucalyptus around. Its smells fresh and clean. We have a family friend that has some in their yard, so every once in awhile we have fresh eucalyptus.

Enter creativity.

After the kids were in bed a few nights ago, I pulled out the fresh eucalyptus, chip clips, wire and wire cutters and decided I would try to make a wreath.

I cut the wire into several pieces that were about four inches long. Then used chip clips to bend the eucalyptus into a circle and hold it up to the door.

When it was adjusted to a size that I liked with the chip clips, I used the wire to pull the scraggly branches together. Some of the wires were fairly loose with the ends just barley coming together while others were pulled tight.

Once everything was snugly in place. I took the chip clips off and returned them to the pantry.

Went to the front door and placed it on the wreath hook.

Tried and tried to get this picture the right way. It didn't work, so you'll just need to turn your computer. Or your head.
If you don't have wire, you could easily straighten out large paperclips and use them. The project took about ten minutes and was even easier than I expected.

Next time, I'll get Big Girl to help. Its be easy for her to assist and possibly do it on her own at 7.

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