Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Mo Juice

We go through some juice boxes. Lunches, trips in the car, the park. They are on our grocery list every week. I really don't mind because every re-usable bottle we've tried leaks. At least after a week or two. Plus, I buy the sneaky ones with vegetable juice, so they've become a crutch for getting veggies in both my kids.

But this morning, we ran out.

"Mo Juice?" is the phrase Little Man uses. And, we all joke about it.

So, as hubby was making lunches he asked where they back up stash of juice was. He had looked in the fridge, in the pantry and in the garage. (Yea. He makes lunches. I know you are jealous!)

This is how it went.

Hubby: I know you have more. But, I can't find them.
Me: In the car.
Him: (giving me the you are crazy look) ok.

Then I heard the back of the car open.

Him: I don't see them.
Me: In the front.


Me: On the floor. On the passenger side.

More car doors.

Him: (more looks)
Me: They were in the garage, but the box was open. The kids thought that meant they could get into them. They can both open them now, so I put them in the car.
Him: (the you are crazy look)
Me: Plus, I always have them. I don't have to count out juice boxes each day. They are there.


Me: I think I'm just going to keep a box in there.
Him: (walking away)
Me: It does. Right next to the box of fruit snacks and the granola.

So now, I'm really curious about this. What do other moms keep in their cars. I can't be the only one driving around with a snack bar. Let me know. I love comments.

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