Sunday, September 9, 2012

Oops Poops

Its a real phrase. And. Its becoming a common one at our house. Oops Poops.

There are all kinds of uses.

You break a plate. Opps Poops.

You leave something where a toddler can reach it. Oops Poops.

Its classic really. Right up there with "Crud Muffins" and "Gosh Darn." We're gonna make it famous. And - it all started with a turd floating in the tub.

The other night Little Man was all clean and splashing around in the bathtub. When all of a sudden he stood up. He isn't a kid that stands up in the tub. We have to pull him out screaming when the water is cold.He is also a toddler that loves to crawl and get into trouble.

So, when he stood up I said, "Sit down please while I get your towel."

He sat and I reached for the towel.

In the split second that I looked away he was up again, and as our eyes met he uttered the now famous words, "Oops Poops."

It was very clear, but he hasn't been very good at telling us when his diaper is dirty, so why would he get it right now, so at first I wasn't sure what he said.. but he said it again. Clear as day, "Oops Poops!"

As he said it the second time I looked in the tub and sure enough there were five turds floating around.

They hadn't been there 30 seconds earlier, but sure enough. There were "poops." And it was certainly an, "oops."

Oops poops.

Famous words. I'm sure you'll find a use for it to.

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