Friday, September 21, 2012

Peeking, Peaking, Pea King...

Second grade has been a challenge. Not just for Big Girl, but also for us as parents. The first quarter was full of transitions, and finally - as we start fall break - its beginning to be less bumpy. One of the ways I know we are making progress is homework. The last week or so there has been less grumbling about it, and less help has been needed.

That was until last night when the assignment was to play charades with the vocabulary words. Not so much help in the traditional way, but the whole family got involved.

This weeks vocabulary words centered around skiing and synonyms for words associated with it.

- ski
- skiing
- slope
- peak

You get the idea.

So, she handed out the cards with the vocabulary words. Everyone got two - including Little Man who was very excited to participate.

She acted out her words. Ski. Slope.

Little Man acted out his words with my help. Climbing. Cold.

I acted out my words. Peak. Skiing.

Then it was my husbands turn. Peaking. He hid his face. Peek-a-boo. Got it.

Next word. He put a toy on his head. "King!" he gave the thumbs up. Then he went into the bathroom and shuts the door. We heard him going to the bathroom. "Peeing," BG yelled. "Put them together," he tells her through the door.

Even before she said it she started to giggle. "Pee King!"

Ummm. Not exactly what I'm thinking the teacher had in mind.

After the game she sat down to write about it for her journal for the day. She didn't want to share, so I'm pretty sure the pee king made it. However, I forgot to go back downstairs after she was in bed to peak...

Can't wait to hear back from the teacher on this one!

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