Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Potty Training

We have started potty training Little Man.

Wait. Let me get this right.

I've attempted to potty train Little Man. More accurately, he's having a great time getting me to run around after him whenever he mentions anything potty related.

The last few days it has gone like this....

Sitting on the couch spending time with both kids. He walks up grabs his junk and says, "poo."
I say, "do you need to go potty?" He laughs, turns his face bright red and poops his pants.

Making dinner. He says, "momma. momma. momma. momma." (you get the idea). I says, "yes?" He pulls up his shirt to show his belly. I say, "yes, belly!" He runs to the bathroom yelling, "poooo." When I get in there he is trying to lift the lid to the toilet and pull off his pants (neither of which he can do on his own - even when just doing one of them) at the same time. I put him on the potty. Nothing. We wait. And wait. Dinner burns. We wait. I take him off the potty. Put a diaper on him. Pick him up and his pants are warm. He looks at me and laughs.

I think we have a clown on our hands.

Do you have any tips for potty training the funny one? I feel an uphill battle coming on!

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