Saturday, September 8, 2012


We've had several turtles in our yard this summer. I think we were on sighting four or five since school got out.


Seriously. I took pictures of turtles y'all. BG and I thought we could look at the pictures and tell them apart.

No suck luck. She was sure they were different.

100 percent sure.

I was not sure. So. We started tracking them. By painting them with nail polish.

We have "Blue."

And we have "Pink" (not pictured).

So far, we've seen Blue three times. Pink may have moved on, or if he/she is smart to another part of the yard - far from the swing set.

We've got white nail polish sitting on the counter ready for the next one.

We also started learning about turtles. You know. By googling. Because isn't that how kids learn stuff in the 21st century?!?

Here are BG's fav facts:
- turtles eat fruit veggies and meat
- turtles shells aren't hard until they are 7
- turtles live to be 30 years old or more
- turtles go back to their home, even if they are picked up and moved

They are around enough that LM has learned to say "tu-tull," and can spot them out the sun room window and call for us to let him out to torment the poor animals go see them.

We hope to see more turtles in the future.

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