Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Just Another Day

The days are really starting to run together. I remember the same thing happening as Big girl reached two and then suddenly she was three.

Those days were peaceful. We got into a routine and enjoyed so much fun together. Cooking together, playing together and almost daily trips to the park.

That was back in the era of one kid. And many fewer square-feet of house to care for.

These days the routine, which allows for outbursts associated with an early-onset case of terrible twos, is anything but routine. Quick to get ready in the morning, quickly out the door, rush home to rush through dinner. The weekends aren't any better.

I think that there will be one weekend at home without major festivities before Thanksgiving, but that too could easily be lost.

I want to find more time to enjoy each day, to enjoy the peace of snuggles with my kids, quiet time with my husband to just be us. But how?

If you have any suggestions let me know. I'm certainly open to them.... and I'm not above calling in "sick" to prevent myself from getting "sick and tired" of the rush.

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