Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wednesday Night

I'm glued to the DVR (I've had enough of the debate!). So, here is a cute picture. Big Girl made it to make a friend feel better.

Kids are great at that. They don't even know exactly why someone is sad, but somehow they know how to make you feel better. Its one of those completly wonderful things about being a parent that they don't tell you about. Clover flowers, heart shaped rocks, stickers in your hair... its something that you learn for youself once you become a parent.

I cherish these memories and the hugs that go with them. When I'm apart from my kids I look forward to these little moments. They make me smile even at the toughest times. And - that is one of the biggest rewards of being a parent - the memories you create, because even when your kids aren't with you, the memories are.

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  1. Sweet Kayla. I love how the munchkins can make us smile....on days we need it most. :) Liz