Thursday, November 8, 2012

Halloween Recap

To say this Halloween was a success would be an understatement. Amid the chilly fall air and the bags of candy we had some pretty freakin' awesome moments.

1. Wardrobe Choices
When its cold and you tell a girl to change her outfit to stay warm it can be dramatic. I know, because it is for me. (Go away pesky weather man with bad news!) So when its a special outfit for a special occasion - as Halloween is for most seven year-old's - brace yourself. As it turns out, loading up on candy and starting quickly was waaaaay more important than displaying the full Princess Jasmine mid-drift. So, on went the tights and turtleneck without so much as a second thought. Score!

For younger ones, the idea of a costume. Can be a little much. They don't know what it means. They don't know why they need different pants to run around and roar one day than they did the day before. Truth be told they don't. Its the old siblings and parents that need the outfit. For his part, I switched out LM's pants during a diaper change. No big deal. Downplayed the costume by calling the dinosaur hoodie a jacket. Then, put on your hood so you stay warm while we go on a walk. "Go out? Otay."

2. Candy
Some parents go with the, "wait till you get home to eat candy, we have to check it for scary things," approach. I say, "give me your Kit Kats and Reese's Cups."

Needless to say by the ripe old age of seven, there is no sneaking candy out of Big Girls' candy basket without her noticing. So, she snacks too. Mother-Daughter bonding.

LM has not been much of a candy or sweets fan. At his first birthday he refused cake, frosting and ice cream. He sees sweets coming and buttons his lips. The exception has been for teething cookies when he was smaller, and the Oreo's in the yellow package at the beach. There was also the day that he ate a mincemeat cookie with Grandpa. But on Halloween I pushed ahead and we made a break trough.

He was getting fussy. Wanted to be held. Didn't want to go in the stroller. I was getting tired of carrying him. (He didn't want Hubby to take him.) So I started offering candy. Theory being a little sugar and he would be off and running and my back would get a break. Tried a few things, and then we got to Nerds. Straight up sugar. I just stuck one in his mouth. Probably more like three because I was expecting they to come back out. He loved them. "More momma more." Sure. I'm cutting you off at six.

He was off and running again. He keeps asking for more. "Nurd momma nurd." Um. Not for breakfast.

3. Family Time
We all enjoyed ourselves. We were giggling and running around together. All four of us. Very little fussing. Major score!

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