Thursday, November 15, 2012

Sitter Searching Part 2

You would think that in six weeks time we would have found a new sitter.

Its the same thing over and over. Ask friends, family, co-workers, search online (try to pick the least scary person off a web page). Talk to a half dozen on the phone. Eliminate three crazies. Meet two or three in person. Say, "Heck yeah! This is going to work!" Then. Nothing. The wheels fall off.

Either they don't call back when I call to call to get references, they don't respond to emails, or in the case of one really nice girl - she got an offer from her neighbor.

Seriously. This is getting old.

On the flip side...  the more crazies I talk or email with the more hilarious content I have for you all.

Here is part of the online posting:

We are looking for someone to take care of our two cute kids (almost 2 and 7) from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 to 6 p.m. Duties include:
- car pool
- making snacks and lunches
- learning games
- light homework help
- assisting with potty training
- playing outside
- going to story time at the library

- visiting museums
- having fun!

We are open to a care provider with a child of their own, but would prefer not to have a large group setting. We are looking for a long-term person that would be with us a few years. Recommendations needed, background check will be run.

Expect to pay X per week including mileage.

Here are a few of the emails I've gotten. The first two are the very initial emails from people. Neither with a, "Hi. I'm so-and-so and I would love to watch your kids..."

Not the Nanny 26: What ages are your children? Will you be willing to pay higher than $X/hr? Do you pay for mileage?
Me: See posting. No. No.

Not the Nanny 27: I have a child in the 4th grade in Cary. I can't do carpool at your school because its too far away. I'm still interested in the position.
Me: Thank you for considering us. However, I don't think that you are the best match for our family.

Not the Nanny 28: I would love this job. I'm dependable and trustworthy.... I don't have a background check and I don't have phone numbers for any references because my phone broke. I would still love to visit with you and meet your family.

Not the Nanny 29: I am great with children... I took a CPR class, but do not have a certificate to be able to show you. I hope this will be okay... I was terrible at school, so I don't feel comfortable helping with homework.


Four more "no way" candidates off the list.

We have another interview tonight. I have a good feeling about this one, so wish us luck!

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