Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Sitter Searching

The last few weeks we've been searching for a new sitter/nanny. After more than five years, ours is moving. We've met several nice women, but still haven't found "the one." As we continue our search, here are some of the entertaining highlights so far.

Me: So, on the phone we talked about the pay rate being around ### per week. Are you still good with that?
Not the Nanny: Oh. I thought that was per kid. I need that per kid.
Me: Um, okay. We aren't going to be able to do that. Thanks for chatting with us.

Not the Nanny: So my rate is no less than ## per hour. You need me to be available 50 hours a week, so even if you aren't using all those hours, I will need to get paid for them since I can't do anything else. Traditionally a nanny will also get a car or an expense card for gas and the kids meals and what not. My last family did a car plus a credit card. I really find that to be the easiest way to go.
Me: Oh okay. (Whotheheckdoyouthinkyouare?)
Not the Nanny: So you think that would work out for you all?
Me: I think we could do that.... (Yeahright.Youcangetoutofmyhousecrazylady.)

Me: We've really enjoyed meeting you. I think that we will be able to work with you. Do you mind if we do a reference check and then be in touch about a start date.
Not The Nanny: That sounds great. This is such a blessing. I am so excited.
Me: We are excited too.
Then the references didn't call back and she didn't respond to two phone calls or any of the texts. Dropped off the face of the earth.

Me: So, our daily routine is.....
LM: Cock. Cock.
Not the Nanny: Oh shirt. He says cock.
Me: He likes clocks.
Not the Nanny: Darn. I just said that and the kids are here.
BG: Mommy says that is a bad word too.

Me: So our son is interested in going potty, but we aren't exactly potty training yet.
Not the Nanny: So how are you teaching him to pee.
Me: Well we are sitting him down.
Not the Nanny: Oh no. That is all wrong. You teach boys to pee standing up or you just have to teach them again.
Me: Well he isn't exactly tall enough.
Not the Nanny: You just focus on your work and I'll focus on the kids and tell you how we are doing things. It'll be a lot smoother that way.

We're going to keep searching for the right sitter. More stories to come. For sure.

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  1. Sara! This is my life right now! We have been looking for a new nanny for months (our first nanny went back to school and we don't care for the one we hired on short notice to replace her). I have had the EXACT same conversations with several nannies. So frustrating! Good to know we aren't the only people that think these things are unreasonable - I was beginning to wonder!