Thursday, January 31, 2013

Fresh Veggies

It may be winter, but the veggies in our garden are growing just fine! (Yep, even with the ice/snow/nastiness in Raleigh last weekend!)

The broccoli is doing the best. But, we also have lettuce out there.

The indoor garden is also back in full swing. An update on that will be coming soon!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Deer. D-r. De-r. That is how you say it at our house these days. And I know well, because my son is borderline obsessed with them.

Its honestly worked out well. We use the deer in the backyard as a distraction.

When I'm home with both kids and trying to make a primo dinner. Toddler wants to run laps through the house with a fork in his hand and my hands are in raw chicken. "I think I see the deer. Can you help me look for him?" The kid stops dead in his tracks. I get at least two full minutes to stop what I'm doing, wash my hands and pry the fork away from him before he decides, "de-r go seep. Mommy, de-r ny-ny."

He wake up on Saturday morning and we want to stay in bed. "Hey, can you stand right here and look for the deer. Tell Mommy when you see him." Ten more minutes in bed. Just a few little peeps of, "not yet," and "de-r soon?" Amazingness on a Saturday morning at 6:15.

Don't judge. Every parent has tricks that they use to make things go their way while entertaining the kids.

The deer have been in our yard often enough that he can spot their "toe prints" and so can Big Girl. They usually don't come alone. We will have four or five or six at a time. She has been helping him count them (we're at the stage that we count everything he is interested in!)

For our parts, my city slicker hubby and myself have kind of fueled the obsession. We got dried corn for him to put out to feed the deer.

These guys are pretty used to people. He put the corn out after his nap
one afternoon and the deer were eating it that evening at dusk.

We also put out a Big Buck salt lick. With a name like that and a four star review from hunters on Amazon I had to get it. Its a small tree mounted salt lick, not the big 25 pound one.

Whatever we were doing a few weeks ago, we need to do it again, because we haven't seen the deer in about two weeks. We live in a neighborhood. Inside the city limits. So, I'm pretty sure that they didn't have a run in with any hunters.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

'Lil Athletes

I'm officially a soccer mom. Again.

Little Man is playing indoor soccer at a cool place near our house. Hubby plays there too and Big Girl played there for awhile (hence me becoming a soccer mom "again"). I can't take the cuteness, so here are some pictures.

The fav part of class is "green light" known to most people as Red Light Green Light. But he's two, so we go with it.
They also do a while blue light thing, which means sit down and pink light which means spin in circles. 

More not actually playing soccer. Here they are using cones to make soccer towers to knock down. 
LM isn't the only one with a Saturday morning activity. Big Girl is playing Upward Basketball. If you aren't familiar with Upward its a fantastic Christian organization that offers several sports - soccer, football, cheer leading and basketball with a pretty low key atmosphere so the kids really learn the sport and teamwork. Its perfect for our not so aggressive athlete.

At the first game this is when I realized they weren't keeping score. This was her second or third
basket and the board still said zero.I love that she is in motion in this picture. 

She was a scoring machine at this game. Being the tallest on the court at the time really helped her out.
Even though this one looks like its going behind her, it actually went in. I don' have any idea how. 

Anyway, if you are looking for us on Saturday mornings, you better stop by early, because we're at soccer, then basketball, and get home just in time for lunch and naps!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Smells Good

I ran out of perfume. No big deal. I wanted something new, so I went out and got a few samples of things I like to try. As I wore them, I ruled some out.

I wore my fav new perfume a few more days and was getting ready to buy some for myself. So, I did what any wife would do.

I asked my husband if he liked it.

He said something along the lines of, "its okay."

After a pause he said, "but I like that vanilla stuff you wear sometimes better. But, maybe that is lip gloss."

Its not lip gloss. Calling it lip gloss is doing the stuff a favor.

Its chap stick.

Not Clinique. Not Burts Bees. Not Chapsick brand. Not even Target brand. Its the free promo chap stick from the dentist. With the phone number on the side. That I leave in the junk drawer in the kitchen so I have one close by when I'm in a rush or one of the kids has chapped lips.

I'm gonna be asking for more of that stuff when I get my teeth cleaned.

...but I'm also going to buy some perfume.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Rockin' the Kitchen

Okay. Its my turn to brag.

As a SAHM was rockin' the kitchen.

The week I was home I whipped up some awesome meals.

Pork Roast with an apple cider honey glaze, shredded potato casserole and green beans.

Meatloaf with diced rosemary potatoes and broccoli.

Frozen pizza.

Chicken enchiladas and homemade guacamole.

Burgers, mac-n-cheese and salad.

Roast with salad and rice.

Super fantastic bonus points for having two evenings worth of left overs and two more meals in the freezer to pull out for next week (or sometime in the future) - baked spaghetti and an extra tray of enchiladas.

I also put up some chicken stock and have everything ready to go into crock pot soup one day soon.

I can honestly say it was fun. I've always enjoyed cooking, especially when I have plenty of time and few interruptions. The kids have enjoyed helping - they are both good cooks - and its really been a bonding experience.

For sure, cooking nice meals is going to be something I miss now that I am back at the office.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Homework Emotions

Martin Luther King Jr. Day has come and gone, but at Big Girls' school, they are still finishing up the King legacy lesson.

Every parent helps their kids with homework. Its one of those things that you know is coming even before they enter the world. Birth, diapers, ride a bike, homework.

There is no way around it really.

There is also no way around the emotion that homework brings out.

Some nights its frustration.

"You didn't do any work at school today and now you have eight homework assignments. Really? What were you thinking?!?!" :: cue smoke coming out of ears

Some nights its laughter.

"You are spelling ship. Ship. You know. Another word for boat." :: oh shit. How did she learn that word?

The worst nights are exhaustion. In our house those are the nights that end in tears.

"I went to school, then I went to swimming, then I took a shower, then I ate dinner. Now its 7 p.m. and I'm just starting my homework and I have so much stuff to do. I'm just going to cry."

Oh wait. That's frustration, laughter and exhaustion.

Tonight. Tonight the homework is different. Although it did bring on some smiles from me, she was taking it very seriously. Very.

And in all honesty, it was a good topic to take seriously. Tonight she was working on her "I Have A Dream" assignment. Inspired by Martin Luther King Jr. and the lessons they learned about him recently. Inspired by. That is to say that not all her dreams were in quite the King scope.

The first stage was her mind map where she came up with four parts to her story.

Part 1: I have a dream because I have one every night.

Part 2: I would like to be:
- a famous singer
- a vet
- a teacher
- a swim coach
- to stop war
- to stop litter

Part 3: I want to be them because I just want to be them.

Part 4: These dreams are important because they:
- help the environment
- help little kids
- stop people from smoking
- get us world peace

The last phase of the project was to actually write out the thoughts for each paragraph.

I Have A Dream by Big Girl

People can get hurt. Its is not good to shot people.

I want animals to be healthey. THe animls could be hurt. I lkie seeing helthy and strong animals.

I want the world to know me. I love to sing. I love music.

I want kids to learn. I like little kids. I want to teach the rite thing.

I want people to know how to swim in case of a emergency. I want to teach little kids. I would only teach kids in the summer.

I want people to take care of the environment. It isen't good for the enviorment. If litters in the ocean it can hurt the animlas.

If ther is little on the ground it doese not look pretty. Litter doesent help plants grow. It smells icky.

So they learn to stay safe. So they don't hurt others. To teache them good manners.

Smoking makes ther lungs not happy. It is not good for littel kids to breath smoke. You woudl smell bad.

Peace is good. The world should have peace. i love peace.

And there it is right at the end. The moment to be proud of. The moment that Dr. King's legacy is meant to inspire. Peace.

Great job daughter of mine. Great job!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Pink Wreath

While I was spending time at home a few weeks ago Big Girl and I started on a project together. She wanted to make something for Valentine's Day (yes, in the first week of January!) and I wanted to make a wreath.

I'd purchased a wreath form at a craft store just before Christmas, so after she spent some time on Pintrest we decided on a rag style wreath.

There are wreaths on pintrest made of fabric scraps from sewing projects that were pretty cute, and also ribbon ones that we liked. We didn't have a top of fabric except for t-shirts (left from making the kids bathroom rugs a while back), so we decided to use them.

I cut the pieces with sheers so they were about 1" by 4-5" and she tied them on. Admittedly, she got tired of it after about an hour the first day, and about 30 minutes the next two days, so I finished it up.

We are pretty excited, and have a pink and purple wreath just in time way early for Valentine's Day.

If you decide to try this one, let us know how it turns out.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Southern Snow

It snowed in Raleigh last night.

For real white stuff on the ground y'all.

I'm talking a good southern snow. The kind that makes the top of your grill white, but allows the leaves to peek through and doesn't even stick to the driveway. It will all be gone by morning nap time, but local news will keep covering it till 1 p.m., because that is what they do.

Truely just enough snow for me. But. Not enough for the kids.

Check out the picture on Instagram (we're @RaisedinRaleigh) or to the right on the blog home page!

Big Girl is saying, "Brother this is snow."

While I'm saying, "Don't go up on the deck, its ice and that means its slipery."

Did you notice, no hats, no mittens? They are wearing normal pants, t-shirts and a snuggly layer of fleece. Why you ask? Aren't I going to let them run around outside all morning. Nope. Not this southern Momma. I may have been born in Minnesotta, but I'll only stay outside in this mess long enough to get a few cute pictures.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Peanut Butter for Dinner

We've had a busy day. By noon we'd been to three kids activities. By dinner time all I wanted to do was fill bellies. None of the fancy cooking I've been up to lately. So, needless to say, I went for the overly simple. Overly.

Peanut butter sandwiches and fruit. It doesn't get any more basic than that. And - I truly deserve bonus points for knocking out most of the basic food groups in less than 5 minutes. (Milk to drink covers grains, protein, fruit and dairy!)

Little man skipped the bread in his sandwich and instead opted for more "dis" which was PB. In a cup.

And, seriously, I gave it to him. Peanut Butter for dinner.

The kid totally refused a spoon. Who eats peanut butter with a fork? My Little Man. A fork. Didn't matter what I said. He had a blast.

30 minutes later he was covered. Face. Hands. Shirt. Pants. Socks. Hair.

Big fat happy mess.

What could be better when you are two?

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Stay At Home Momma

I've been staying at home with the kids most days of the past few weeks. It has been in a word fantastic. We've had many adventures, and I've had the opportunity to be part of things that I miss out on when I'm at the office.

Its the little things that have brought me the most joy. Being there for hugs when there are boo-boo's, playing with the kids, getting my house more organized and cleaned up.

Over the next few days, I'm going to (attempt) to take a look at the fun times and day-to-day happenings that are making these days both special and unique.

Today, it was all about being there for my kids. We spent time doing the things that they wanted to do.

This means that I spent a good part of my day playing Legos and trains.

Big Girl received a lot of the new Friends series Legos for Christmas. We have the vets office, the 0bunny house, the drummer, and several other smaller sets. They are bright colors and all the people are girls with cute little skirts and flip-flops. Most of them are "bumpin' it." If they were really they could have walked straight out of a Justice ad. Seriously. What girl wouldn't love them?

We've built and built and chatted and caught up. exchanged hugs and generally created memories. Mostly when Little Man was napping or bonding with the large rectangular babysitter.

Another big chunk of my day was spent at the train table. This thing has been a hit since it arrived the first week of December for his second birthday. All I can say about that part of my day is choo-choo. I'm not as good at trains as he would like and was constantly told "no Mommy," but he's two, so that is pretty much to be expected.

Its nice to be at home and have extra time with my kids.

I certainly could get used to this!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Things To Miss

A few months back our sitter turned in her notice. We started a search process, and continued searching for her replacement. Kept searching for her replacement. And, finally found a new sitter that we are super excite to have start next week.

Our "old" sitter has deserted me is officially gone. And to fill the void between her last day and the new sitter starting, I've been working from home most of the week. I was also home the week before Christmas (just for fun) and a few days after Christmas (as we passed a nasty bug around the house).

Now that its really sinking in that she is gone, I'm realizing how much I miss her - not just as our sitter, but also for some of the extras she helped out with.

Every woman knows what moment I'm talking about. You are getting ready to go somewhere - big meeting at work, date night, average Monday morning - and you're not quite sure which shoes or earrings are best. Or maybe its more of a "does this skirt need tights? or would it be way cuter to just freeze?"

A major perk of having a sitter come to your home is that you can get help figuring these things out. you know. Without a 7 a.m. video chat session. Or without relying on a seven-year-old. Bonus here in that she saw me every day, so she pretty much knew my wardrobe and could suggest which pair of shoes would be better without going upstairs. She could also take one look at me and know when it was laundry day (pile of clothes in the kitchen + pants I don't wear often!)

Big news. We don't drink white wine. I know. Some people don't do red. Some don't care. We are pretty much red drinkers.We keep white around for guests (now you white drinkers know its safe to come over!) and will drink white if the situation calls for it. But given the choice we go red.

Our outgoing sitter was a white drinker. If we had an extra bottle on hand for some reason, I could count on her to take it home. Tough job, but some body has to do it.

Seeing someone every day its difficult not to become close friends. I think the friendship and the day-to-day chit chat is gonna be a big miss as well.

So now that I'm sure our new sitter is following along. (And learning what big shoes she has to fill.) I'm going to sign off for today.... And get back to that stay-at-home-mom thing!