Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Deer. D-r. De-r. That is how you say it at our house these days. And I know well, because my son is borderline obsessed with them.

Its honestly worked out well. We use the deer in the backyard as a distraction.

When I'm home with both kids and trying to make a primo dinner. Toddler wants to run laps through the house with a fork in his hand and my hands are in raw chicken. "I think I see the deer. Can you help me look for him?" The kid stops dead in his tracks. I get at least two full minutes to stop what I'm doing, wash my hands and pry the fork away from him before he decides, "de-r go seep. Mommy, de-r ny-ny."

He wake up on Saturday morning and we want to stay in bed. "Hey, can you stand right here and look for the deer. Tell Mommy when you see him." Ten more minutes in bed. Just a few little peeps of, "not yet," and "de-r soon?" Amazingness on a Saturday morning at 6:15.

Don't judge. Every parent has tricks that they use to make things go their way while entertaining the kids.

The deer have been in our yard often enough that he can spot their "toe prints" and so can Big Girl. They usually don't come alone. We will have four or five or six at a time. She has been helping him count them (we're at the stage that we count everything he is interested in!)

For our parts, my city slicker hubby and myself have kind of fueled the obsession. We got dried corn for him to put out to feed the deer.

These guys are pretty used to people. He put the corn out after his nap
one afternoon and the deer were eating it that evening at dusk.

We also put out a Big Buck salt lick. With a name like that and a four star review from hunters on Amazon I had to get it. Its a small tree mounted salt lick, not the big 25 pound one.

Whatever we were doing a few weeks ago, we need to do it again, because we haven't seen the deer in about two weeks. We live in a neighborhood. Inside the city limits. So, I'm pretty sure that they didn't have a run in with any hunters.

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