Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Homework Emotions

Martin Luther King Jr. Day has come and gone, but at Big Girls' school, they are still finishing up the King legacy lesson.

Every parent helps their kids with homework. Its one of those things that you know is coming even before they enter the world. Birth, diapers, ride a bike, homework.

There is no way around it really.

There is also no way around the emotion that homework brings out.

Some nights its frustration.

"You didn't do any work at school today and now you have eight homework assignments. Really? What were you thinking?!?!" :: cue smoke coming out of ears

Some nights its laughter.

"You are spelling ship. Ship. You know. Another word for boat." :: oh shit. How did she learn that word?

The worst nights are exhaustion. In our house those are the nights that end in tears.

"I went to school, then I went to swimming, then I took a shower, then I ate dinner. Now its 7 p.m. and I'm just starting my homework and I have so much stuff to do. I'm just going to cry."

Oh wait. That's frustration, laughter and exhaustion.

Tonight. Tonight the homework is different. Although it did bring on some smiles from me, she was taking it very seriously. Very.

And in all honesty, it was a good topic to take seriously. Tonight she was working on her "I Have A Dream" assignment. Inspired by Martin Luther King Jr. and the lessons they learned about him recently. Inspired by. That is to say that not all her dreams were in quite the King scope.

The first stage was her mind map where she came up with four parts to her story.

Part 1: I have a dream because I have one every night.

Part 2: I would like to be:
- a famous singer
- a vet
- a teacher
- a swim coach
- to stop war
- to stop litter

Part 3: I want to be them because I just want to be them.

Part 4: These dreams are important because they:
- help the environment
- help little kids
- stop people from smoking
- get us world peace

The last phase of the project was to actually write out the thoughts for each paragraph.

I Have A Dream by Big Girl

People can get hurt. Its is not good to shot people.

I want animals to be healthey. THe animls could be hurt. I lkie seeing helthy and strong animals.

I want the world to know me. I love to sing. I love music.

I want kids to learn. I like little kids. I want to teach the rite thing.

I want people to know how to swim in case of a emergency. I want to teach little kids. I would only teach kids in the summer.

I want people to take care of the environment. It isen't good for the enviorment. If litters in the ocean it can hurt the animlas.

If ther is little on the ground it doese not look pretty. Litter doesent help plants grow. It smells icky.

So they learn to stay safe. So they don't hurt others. To teache them good manners.

Smoking makes ther lungs not happy. It is not good for littel kids to breath smoke. You woudl smell bad.

Peace is good. The world should have peace. i love peace.

And there it is right at the end. The moment to be proud of. The moment that Dr. King's legacy is meant to inspire. Peace.

Great job daughter of mine. Great job!

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