Tuesday, January 29, 2013

'Lil Athletes

I'm officially a soccer mom. Again.

Little Man is playing indoor soccer at a cool place near our house. Hubby plays there too and Big Girl played there for awhile (hence me becoming a soccer mom "again"). I can't take the cuteness, so here are some pictures.

The fav part of class is "green light" known to most people as Red Light Green Light. But he's two, so we go with it.
They also do a while blue light thing, which means sit down and pink light which means spin in circles. 

More not actually playing soccer. Here they are using cones to make soccer towers to knock down. 
LM isn't the only one with a Saturday morning activity. Big Girl is playing Upward Basketball. If you aren't familiar with Upward its a fantastic Christian organization that offers several sports - soccer, football, cheer leading and basketball with a pretty low key atmosphere so the kids really learn the sport and teamwork. Its perfect for our not so aggressive athlete.

At the first game this is when I realized they weren't keeping score. This was her second or third
basket and the board still said zero.I love that she is in motion in this picture. 

She was a scoring machine at this game. Being the tallest on the court at the time really helped her out.
Even though this one looks like its going behind her, it actually went in. I don' have any idea how. 

Anyway, if you are looking for us on Saturday mornings, you better stop by early, because we're at soccer, then basketball, and get home just in time for lunch and naps!

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