Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Rockin' the Kitchen

Okay. Its my turn to brag.

As a SAHM was rockin' the kitchen.

The week I was home I whipped up some awesome meals.

Pork Roast with an apple cider honey glaze, shredded potato casserole and green beans.

Meatloaf with diced rosemary potatoes and broccoli.

Frozen pizza.

Chicken enchiladas and homemade guacamole.

Burgers, mac-n-cheese and salad.

Roast with salad and rice.

Super fantastic bonus points for having two evenings worth of left overs and two more meals in the freezer to pull out for next week (or sometime in the future) - baked spaghetti and an extra tray of enchiladas.

I also put up some chicken stock and have everything ready to go into crock pot soup one day soon.

I can honestly say it was fun. I've always enjoyed cooking, especially when I have plenty of time and few interruptions. The kids have enjoyed helping - they are both good cooks - and its really been a bonding experience.

For sure, cooking nice meals is going to be something I miss now that I am back at the office.

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