Friday, January 18, 2013

Southern Snow

It snowed in Raleigh last night.

For real white stuff on the ground y'all.

I'm talking a good southern snow. The kind that makes the top of your grill white, but allows the leaves to peek through and doesn't even stick to the driveway. It will all be gone by morning nap time, but local news will keep covering it till 1 p.m., because that is what they do.

Truely just enough snow for me. But. Not enough for the kids.

Check out the picture on Instagram (we're @RaisedinRaleigh) or to the right on the blog home page!

Big Girl is saying, "Brother this is snow."

While I'm saying, "Don't go up on the deck, its ice and that means its slipery."

Did you notice, no hats, no mittens? They are wearing normal pants, t-shirts and a snuggly layer of fleece. Why you ask? Aren't I going to let them run around outside all morning. Nope. Not this southern Momma. I may have been born in Minnesotta, but I'll only stay outside in this mess long enough to get a few cute pictures.

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