Thursday, January 3, 2013

Things To Miss

A few months back our sitter turned in her notice. We started a search process, and continued searching for her replacement. Kept searching for her replacement. And, finally found a new sitter that we are super excite to have start next week.

Our "old" sitter has deserted me is officially gone. And to fill the void between her last day and the new sitter starting, I've been working from home most of the week. I was also home the week before Christmas (just for fun) and a few days after Christmas (as we passed a nasty bug around the house).

Now that its really sinking in that she is gone, I'm realizing how much I miss her - not just as our sitter, but also for some of the extras she helped out with.

Every woman knows what moment I'm talking about. You are getting ready to go somewhere - big meeting at work, date night, average Monday morning - and you're not quite sure which shoes or earrings are best. Or maybe its more of a "does this skirt need tights? or would it be way cuter to just freeze?"

A major perk of having a sitter come to your home is that you can get help figuring these things out. you know. Without a 7 a.m. video chat session. Or without relying on a seven-year-old. Bonus here in that she saw me every day, so she pretty much knew my wardrobe and could suggest which pair of shoes would be better without going upstairs. She could also take one look at me and know when it was laundry day (pile of clothes in the kitchen + pants I don't wear often!)

Big news. We don't drink white wine. I know. Some people don't do red. Some don't care. We are pretty much red drinkers.We keep white around for guests (now you white drinkers know its safe to come over!) and will drink white if the situation calls for it. But given the choice we go red.

Our outgoing sitter was a white drinker. If we had an extra bottle on hand for some reason, I could count on her to take it home. Tough job, but some body has to do it.

Seeing someone every day its difficult not to become close friends. I think the friendship and the day-to-day chit chat is gonna be a big miss as well.

So now that I'm sure our new sitter is following along. (And learning what big shoes she has to fill.) I'm going to sign off for today.... And get back to that stay-at-home-mom thing!

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