Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Making Valentines

Its almost Valentine's Day, and like pretty much every parent out there, I was trying to figure out when Big Girl was going to get all the valentines finished before her class Friendship Celebration Thursday morning.

Her school doesn't allow characters and prefers not to have any logos. Keeping the focus on personal work, the school only wants kids to bring in valentines that they've made.

It sounds all fine and good in theory. But add in a crazy busy weekend - Krispy Kreme Challenge, basketball game, birthday party, movie and swim meet all in two days! - homework, regular after school activities, and we don't have time to make 28 valentines.

28 kids + 2 teachers = 30 x 10 minutes each = 300 minutes = 5 hours

No way!

So I came up with a plan.

Make one valentine, scan it, resize to a quarter page using the fancy settings on the printer. Call it done.

That was the idea.

We started off just fine. Finished dinner, ran an errand, baths, then art. Just a few minutes before bed time.

As Big Girl draws, I explained to her my idea. She was reluctant. I explained the math to her. 5 hours. She'd rather watch TV. Not exactly what I was thinking, but whateve. We were on the fast track to finishing "project valentine." 

As she finished drawing Little Man finished his bath and came downstairs. I set him up to color his own picture. We were all good.

Then he decided to color her paper. Just as she got up to go to bed he grabbed her picture. And colored.

On her beautiful valentine.

Do you see it. Right there on the face of her girl. And on the hand.


I got it back. Turned it over. And rushed her upstairs to bed.

Once she was in bed the scanner gave me trouble. Ugh! So, I went to the backup plan. Photo. Photoshop. Send to the printer.

Late night. Valentines finished.

Can you tell it was scribbled? Do you think she will notice when they're printed smaller?

Cross your fingers! Feel the love. Happy Valentine's Day.

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