Thursday, February 7, 2013

Potty Training

Potty training takes forever. Parents that say that its a piece of cake and that it only takes a day are flat out lying. Lying.

We started putting Little Man on the potty before Christmas. Even before he turned two. Too early according to a lot of people.

But he went. Not just sitting there, but making use of the potty. Now we still potty training. Still. And we aren't that serious about it.

If he says he needs to go we take him.

I know. Not the best ever. But it is what it is.

And as anyone who's potty trained a kid can tell you, it can be super funny... And if you know us, you know we love funny.

Here are two stories of the potty training drama.

For a few weeks we went the reward route with potty training. It was working well. Sit on the potty. Something happens Little Man would get Nerds. His favorite. Only 8 or 10 little morsels of sugar. Mini sugar rush and life goes on.

That is until the day we ran out of diapers downstairs just before bed.

He finished on the potty. We were out of diapers downstairs (as I said) so I slipped his pants back on him commando style and took him to the kitchen for his treat. Standing in the middle of the kitchen munching on his candy before bed - just moments after going potty - when all of a sudden he said "uh-oh."

Not the giggly little voice, but the serious one that he knew for sure something was wrong.

Without even looking at him I knew. But as I looked I saw it happening. A puddle. In the middle of the kitchen around his little feet. As our eyes met he put the last piece of candy in his mouth. Chewed it up and said "sorry mommy."


Watering the Shower
Just last night he was sitting on the potty. After going two times earlier in the day I heard a trickle. He said all done and I put him in the tub.

When he got in he didn't sit down. Instead he said, "Watch me Mommy."

I looked at him and as soon as he was sure I was watching he peed on the tile on the wall. Looking straight at me and giggling.

Clearly this kid has control for his bodily function.

So many people have said, "boys will be boys" and that "boys are different." Its really starting to show!

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