Thursday, March 14, 2013

10 Things: Girly Edition

The other day I wrote about 10 random things that Little Man knows how to do or is fascinated by right now. I actually started writing the below post about Big Girl first, but decided to publish it second... I think you'll see why.

So, without further ado, here are 10 Things about Big Girl - in no particular order.

1. Reader. She is such the reader these days. She's gone through about 40 chapter books in the last month. More than one day. Since she was little, she's always enjoyed books. A few months back she got glasses and things have taken off. We have to take books away from her so she will go to bed some nights.

2. Serious Swimmer. I've written about her swimming adventures before, but let me tell you again. She is awesome in the pool. She's practicing three times a week lately putting in about a mile a practice. Seriously. How many kids her age can do that? I couldn't swim a mile if I had to.

3. Southern. We're in Raleigh. (Some people say that isn't in the south. They say you need to be in South Carolina, not North Carolina to be southern. I beg to differ.) She says Ma'am and Y'all and all sort of other southern things. If you missed this post from about a year ago, she also spells southern. She wore pearl earrings for a long time, saying they go with everything (without any input from me). She's said she wants another pair.

4. Baker. Now that she is seven, she can read a recipe and operate the Kitchenaid mixer. She can usually follow a recipe too. She's helped make every one of her birthday cakes, and loves doing it.

5. Awesome Sister. She loves helping her brother. Teaching him things. Putting his shoes on the wrong feet for him. Reading to him. Helping motivate him (a.k.a. shoving him into the bathroom to go pee when he hasn't gone in two hours so she can get Menchie's). Fantastic.

6. Speaks Spanish. Better than me. Better than most people I know. I take that back. Better than anyone I know that from anywhere other than her school. Its amazing. She's going to have such a leg up on life. I with I could speak Spanish like her. To top it off, her teachers say she has a beautiful accent. Almost native. Thanks teachers from Colombia and everywhere else in South America.

7. Loves to try new things. Poor kid got her athletic abilities from me. But, she has a great attitude and will try just about any activity. There have actually been a few we steered her clear of because we weren't sure they would work out. So far she's taken on soccer (for about two years), swimming, basketball and this week we are starting tennis.

8. Thinks that every shade of the same color go together. Super cute, but not the most flattering thing on this list. However, its one that makes me chuckle out loud just thinking of it. Just before Christmas she came downstairs one morning with an aqua twirly summer skirt, a pair of navy leggings for school, a light blue t-shirt and an aqua hoody. She's been known to snuggle up and watch What Not to Wear with me and is working on developing her own style. She's got a little further to go.

9. Loves Church. It makes me so happy to say this. She is a normal kid, and every once in a while will say she wants to stay in bed longer, or snuggle in on the couch on a Sunday morning. But most weekends she is excited to go  to church. Begs to go to Sunday school.


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