Wednesday, March 6, 2013

10 Things: Little Man Edition

Every one has fascinations. Those things that they just can't get enough of. Kit- Kat and Mtn. Dew anyone? Little Man is no exception. Here are 10 random things that he is fascinated by and/or knows how to do. In no particular order.

1. Flip pancakes. He has spent more time watching real life cooking than the average two year-old. His hours of sitting on the counter next to the stove have taught him several things. "No play knives," being a good one. He has also picked up the skillz of how to work a skillet like a pro. So far he only demonstrates in the plan kitchen, but just wait, we're going to have him serving up some real food in a few years.

2. Paw. This kid is seriously obsessed with his grandfather. If we even mention his name the kid is running through the house screaming for his Paw and waiting at the door. Poor thing. Doesn't have a concept of time yet, so tomorrow is both in two minutes and an eternity away.

3. Southern Boy. We're in Raleigh. Its far from the deep south. We say y'all, but I don't think that we have accent's. Not like deep southerners. You know, people from Alabama or rural South Carolina. But there are some things that come out with a drawl. Little Man's accent doesn't come out very often. One of the words when you can really hear it is, "Ben." When he talks about his uncle is really, "Be-ee-n."

4. Blow His Nose. Many kids will make a noise when you put a tissue up to their nose. This guy really blows his nose. Actual bugger chunks come out. It makes my Mommy heart happy.

5. Sorts Laundry. Big Girl knew how to do this at his age too, but I don't think that other kids do this. Lights. Darks. Towels. Towels are the hardest one. Yellow towels, navy towels. They aren't easy to sort, but he is good at sorting them.

6. Oven Mits/Gloves/Socks. This kid likes to have stuff on his hands. When he is in the play kitchen he is always looking for his "mits." When he's in our bedroom, he's snagging hubby's running gloves. He likes to take off his shoes and his socks. His sitter taught him to put his socks on his hands. (I think it was so we won't loose as many of them in the car, or that she could find them easier when it was time to put his shoes and socks back on in the car.) It goes right along with his gloves/mitten fascination, and having his hands covered.

7. Knows His Sports. With just a quick glance at the TV he can tell all the sports apart. Football, hockey, basketball, golf. With the seasons changing he's getting to know baseball too. Real man knowledge folks. You try to mess with him and tell him differently from what he knows and he gets mad. Totally knows his stuff.

8. Can unlock the doors. I kinda taught him this, but it was with the intention of keeping him occupied. Last summer I would stand him on a stool at the front door with a key chain and say, "have fun." His inquisitive little mind loved it. Now he can look at the keys and tell you which ones go to what. He's successfully put the key in the engine of the car and unlocked the house. Doors. Its all good though, because he can't work the child proof knobs to actually open the doors.

9. Flirt. He may only be two, but this man is a flirt. At story time he smiles at the girls and they smile back. Not a normal smile, but a big 'ol look at me, I'm a pretty cool dude (a.k.a. I'm almost potty trained!) smile.

10. Use Tools. I know. I know. This list is pretty much a brag on my son. But, lets be for real, the whole blog is pretty much a brag. At 2, LM can use a screw driver, he is starting to grasp the concept of a measuring tape, and for sure he follows along with Bob the Builder.

So, what are you best at? What are your kids learning to do, love to hear back about all the unusual out of the ordinary.

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