Sunday, March 10, 2013

Bribery Works

There I said it. One of the truths about parenting that most of us just don't want to admit.

As more and more of our friends have entered the potty training phase of life, more and more of them have admitted to using bribery. Up until this point, every  many  those parents who want you to think they have it all figured out, would never admit that they have bribed their kids.

But when it comes to potty training, everyone comes clean.

One of my best friends, who is like a sister to me, used M&M's. Pee in the potty got one. Poop got two. for years she carried a bag of candy in her purse. Even when the kids were way past needing "a little positive reinforcement," they would ask for treats from time to time.

With Big Girl, it started with stickers. Go potty, get a sticker. Any potty earned a sticker. She learned to poop in the potty first, because she didn't like having it on her. It was honestly not that bad.

After she got better at using the toilet, we switch to an "Eyes on the Prize" method. We picked out something new and cool at the store. (I specifically remember Elmo panties, sunglasses, glitter shoes and purple jammies with pink hearts on them. We sat the prize on the towel bar in the bathroom, so every time she went potty she could see the prize. When she'd stayed drive for a week she got the prize.

Big Girl earned rockin' pink sunglasses for going potty. 

Now its Little Man's turn. He wants nothing to do with Pull Ups. Its not that he minds going to the bathroom so much. He just likes diapers....At any rate, we've been trying and trying to get him motivated to go potty.

Finally this weekend we hit on something.

Menchie's. For the kid that doesn't like things that are mushy or cold. Frozen Yogurt.

Well. Not actually frozen yogurt. He likes the topping buffet. "Yummy bears," animal cookies, M&M's. A bowl full of sugar.

So, Friday night we made a deal. Potty all day, go to Menchie's.

Saturday was so close. I went to the grocery store at 4:30 p.m. and came home to hear that he was a crying mess because he'd gone potty in his diaper. Sunday went better. He was just a tiny bit wet after his nap, and made it through dinner.

While the table was getting cleared, he went to the bathroom one more time. Then. Ran around all crazy. "I go potty!" "I go potty!" and off to Menchie's we went.

It was awesome. I Instagrammed the whole thing. (If you don't follow us on Instagram, see the pics in the Instagram box to the right on the front page of Raised in Raleigh.)

Anyone who says bribery doesn't work hasn't tried it.

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