Sunday, March 17, 2013

Coordination and Sports

I'm a klutz. There is no way around it. I lack coordination. I've been known to walk into walls and fall over my own feet. In middle school I broke my ankle on a pencil. A pencil. I was doing a cartwheel, and random pencil on the basketball court landed me in the emergency room and earned me an air cast that put a quick end to my cheer leading career. Seriously. A pencil.

From the beginning of each of my pregnancies I prayed that my children would not inherit my coordination.

Problem is, I think my daughter may have.

Fortunately she's more outgoing than I was, so she is better at trying new things than I was. But personality doesn't make an athlete.

So far we've tried soccer, ballet, swimming, basketball.

Last week she started tennis. She asked about gymnastics, but I was worried she may seriously hurt herself - plus its the wrong time of year - so we are going with tennis.

Tennis. A sport that requires you to pay attention to a ball. To put your bond in line with said ball, and hit it with a (relatively small racquet).

I know. Its just tennis. But if it was me out there, I'd probably come home with another broken ankle.

Cross your fingers. Cross your heart. Say a prayer. Knock on wood.

Whatever it is that you do when you need things to go your way, send a little of it our way, that BG's coordination will be better than mine and she will survive tennis.

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  1. Hi! This is my first time on your blog. I love it. Following on Twitter as @scggirl. Now on to commenting: my stepson is alot like you were when you were younger, just uncoordinated. All he wanted to do was sit in front of the ocmputer. We have been trying different activities and so far, he is getting better at soccer, he can kick he ball with out falling, huge milestone! Just keep at it with your daughter, something will stick!