Tuesday, March 12, 2013


One of the things that I do at my job (that thing that I have to do takes up way too much of time away from my kids and all of y'all!) is help make sure the community is prepared for emergencies.

I'm no expert, but I know a little bit about ... what to have in an emergency kit, how to reduce the spread of diseases, how our local power plant works, how different emergency workers talk to each other.... lots of different things. I'm no expert at any of them.

The work that I do is honestly pretty interesting, and I have used many work projects as opportunities to explain things to Big Girl over the years. You know, things like, how vaccines work, why its safe to have a playground next to the old landfill, how much better it is to adopt a shelter pet.

Sometimes okay, pretty regularly hubby will roll his eyes at the things I explain to her, and the way that I explain them, but to me they are typical preschool and elementary school topics.

Last week the whole power plant thing came up again because of a work assignment. Big girl asked about it, so I tried to explain. I know. We live in Raleigh. We have a nuclear power plant. Not the simplest thing to explain. So, it basically went like this.

Me: There are all kinds of power plants, some use water, some use the sun, some use coal, others use chemicals to make energy.

BG: Like the chemicals you use to clean with?

Me: Similar, but they're not really safe to touch.

BG: But they make the lights turn on, and they charge my ipod right?

Me: Yes.

That was one morning last week. As I was rushing out the door to work.

Tonight electricity came up again. BG has been learning about saving energy at school. She was pretty proud of remembering how I had explained that power was made and deemed herself the Lights Police.

This job includes running through the house and making sure all the lights are off when we aren't in a room. My first thought was - fantastic. I knew the lights were still on downstairs. It was the perfect excuse to be a little lazy.

I sat on the couch. Put my feet up. Contemplated what to blog about.

The way I saw it, on the first day of Light Police the job should have been done perfectly.

Should have been.

When hubby went downstairs a while later, the bathroom light and garage lights were both on. So much for the Light Police. So much for saving energy.

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