Thursday, March 14, 2013

Flashback Friday

Its Friday!!! And here in Raleigh it has been thinking about spring. Thinking about spring makes me think about summer. Thinking about summer makes me think about vacation. 'Da Beach. Flip-flops.

I wanna go now. I know my kids Big Girl want to go too. Her brother does not like the sand.

If I close my eyes and daydream just a bit my desk chair feels a bit like the sand and those horrible florescent office lights are warm and if I just kick off my shoes and stretch out my legs.... for sure someone will come in.

For sure y'all.

.... Yawn....

Makes me think about before Little Man was born. We could all go out on the beach at once back then. It would be nice. Simple. I could just sit there. Or lay there. Big Girl would be doing her independent thing in the sand or edge of the water.

One kids days were simpler days.

I love a good from the back picture.
Flash back.

Flash forward. The weekend is gonna be cray cray. Gotta stop and take it in. Or moments like these will be gone.

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