Friday, March 1, 2013

Good Eating

Its a new month, and that is reason enough to celebrate. On of the things that I love about March (besides the magic of my niece getting older without a birthday - she's a leap year girl!) is the weather. Here in Raleigh, March usually starts off cool, but by the end of the month we are starting to have coat free days. Its also the time of year when we get our garden in the ground.

The last few years we've had so many gardening experiments. Some have gone well - so you remember all the tomatoes last summer? While other's, like the cantaloupes that kept getting attacked, haven't been so great. (If you haven't read about the cantaloupe squirrel attack or the pollination lesson you should. They were both pee your pants funny.)

Part of the fun of having a garden is spending time outside with the family. Another really important part of any garden is nutrition. Living where we do, and having enough room for a garden makes it easy to introduce our kids to fresh produce.

As I got to thinking about our garden - what are we going to grow? when are we going to put stuff in the ground? can or should we expand this year? - I (again) heard about National Nutrition Month.

We've been to special story time events at libraries in the past (and made an appearance in a video!).

During the story times they read books about trying new foods and helping in a garden. There was also a really cool build your own produce sculpture project with strawberries, blueberries, carrots and potatoes - YUM!

For people in the Raleigh/Wake County area, these activities will be back again this year.

In addition to story times, which are clearly "mash potatoes!" our favorite. The local health department is hosting a food drive.

The National Nutrition Month education and information campaign is happening in communities across the country. The focus is on helping people learn that nutrition is more than cutting out certain foods for healthier eating habits. It’s also about feeding the body the best vitamins and nutrients a body naturally needs for optimum health. The theme for March 2013 is "Eat Right, Your Way, Every Day."

There are tons of materials online both from the national folks and the local health department here in Raleigh. Even if you aren't here locally, stop over and check out the yummy healthy snack ideas and information about drinks..... I'm seriously looking at that juice in our fridge differently right now than I did an hour ago.

PS - The mash potatoes thing is a story time joke. At our neighborhood library they sing the mashed potatoes song almost every week and my son is now singing it about every hour. If you're kids don't know it,  here is the video he sings along to.

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  1. I am bummed. I really wanted to see Isaac and you. And, hear his hot potato song. :( Charlotte is going to have a birthday party for just her and Kayla on Sunday. One of the few smiles of the day!