Monday, March 25, 2013

Half Written Posts

Writing can be really tough for some people. For me, admittedly, it usually comes pretty easy. However, every once in a while I get stuck.

I usually save the post. In case I get inspired later. I recently spent some time cleaning out my draft file (okay, looking for something cool to finish because I was lacking inspiration), and found some fun half written posts.

At Home (drafted 3/22/12)
When I'm at work I want to be at home. There. I said it. Does it make me a bad employee? A good mom? An exceptional wife? Probably yes to all three.

When I am at home I'm playing with the kids, cooking dinner, kissing boo boo's, being crafty and generally loving life. If something makes you happy, then its where you should be.


Well, maybe that is the dream version of the reality.

It probably more like playing with the kids, cleaning, holding a baby, filling a sippy cup with milk every few hours and

Teething Toddler (drafted 7/9/12)
A teething toddler is different than a teething baby. Those dang incisors or whatever they are called are b*#@&$. For Real.

The Best Thing About Vacation (drafted 7/3/12)
Every vacation has its ups and downs. Moments that you adore and those that you wish didn't happen. Roll them all together and its truly about the memories.

Mommy Problems (drafted 9/26/12)

Mommies have different problems than any other group out there.

It starts even before your first child enters the world with the pregnancy balance and hormones. Once your child arrives its leaking boobs and more hormones.

As they get older the problems don't go away. Very few people look at Daddies and say, "Can you bake brownies for the teacher luncheon tomorrow?" the same day that they have a big deadline at the office - or - when a toddler is sick. If they did most Dad's would say something like, "I'll check with my wife," or "Does Whole Foods count as home made?," or "The baby is sick sorry."

But Moms don't say those things. At least not in my world. Instead, they say, "Is one pan enough?" or "I may have to drop them off early so I can take care of something at work."

Pushing Buttons (drafted 10/10/11)
Everyone has things that set them off. For some its a tone of voice or bad habit in others. For some people its a certain person or even a way of doing things.

For Big Girl its talking to her in a "little kid" voice. For husband, well, I'm not going to go there. For me, its a combination of a tone of voice, bossiness and a lack of sentiment for other's feelings.

This Place Smells (drafted 2/23/13)
You know the funk that all thrift stores share? A combination of moth balls, old lady and mildew?

Don't lie you do.

Maybe you only go in them to make donations, maybe they are your everyday shopping stop. Maybe you're like me and go through phases of being in them all the time looking for just the right something  then don't step through the double doors of barginess again for months.

At any rate, you know the smell.

My sister and I used to call it the smell of affordablee. Like Targee for Target.

Big girl now knows the smell too... She identified it for herself as we went around town looking for a new desk for the office.

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