Friday, March 22, 2013

I'm "That" Mom

I feel so bad, but I know we are doing the right thing.


Let me back up.

You know on The Middle when Frankie and Mike threaten take Brick's books away? Wait. That may be every episode. But even the threat makes him completely dev-as-ta-ted. Devastated.

Right up there with when he couldn't get new books at the library.

That is what it was like at our house.

Not really. I'm being dramatic.

But, we really did take the books away. For three days.

I know. Kids need books. The need to read for fun. For most kids its a challenge. They have a ton of things going on and never get around to reading. Big Girl has activities. We've been trying out different sports. But, she hasn't really found one that is "it."

But, what she has found is books. She can read a 150 page book at a third or fourth or something grade level in a day. The books that some of the kids in her class are reading can be finished in an hour or two.

We love that she loves to read. But, its time to read a little less. So, we are taking the books away for a few days.

...You can read for school, but no more Baby Sitter's Club, no more Geranamo Stiltson, no more Flower Fairies... It may be a long three days. But here is the thing. She will finally do other things. Spend time outside, practice tennis or basketball, use some of the million art supplies, use the Easy Bake Oven. Plus there are the toys in her room.

Its tough to figure out a balance. Even tougher to help your kids get a balance. But, maybe. Just maybe. This will help broaden the horizons.

It is going to be quite the experiment. Wish us luck.

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