Monday, April 1, 2013


Every kid loves candy. Chocolate. Cookies. Ice cream. Okay, my son doesn't eat ice cream. But, you name it, if its sweet, most kids like it. 

That is why bribery works. Kids want treats, and they try hard to please adults to get them. 

But I'm the kind of mom that doesn't want to be giving out cookies and candy every day. 

I know other families do it differently, but... Yeah. I also try to get fruit and veggies in each kid each day. But that, unlike getting candy in them, can be a real struggle. Especially with Mr. No Ice Cream. 

So, I've become a fan of any sneaky method out there to get veggies in my kids. 

For a while now I've seen these cookies on the shelf at the grocery store, WhoNu?  

Finally, about two weeks ago, I made a unrushed, kid free trip to the grocery store. (An extremely rare experience in my world.) I found myself taking the time to read labels and pay more attention to prices than a normal day. 

So after reading the box, these chocolate chip cookies jumped into my cart. Things just have a way of doing that to me

I was totally skeptical. But, I'm totally, the call when I don't like a product and get my money back mom, so I thought I would a chance on them. 

After dinner I handed them out (minus the healthness info on the box, since Big Girl can read.) And they were a hit. I was honestly a little surprised  I thought they may go over okay with the kids. I didn't think that I would like them. And for sure didn't expect my hubby to indulge in veggie packed cookies. But, when I tried them myself they were good. Better than expected. Would be fantastic after a few seconds in the microwave and a big glass of milk. 


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