Friday, April 19, 2013


I think every mom remembers the first word their child says. Its a precious moment. As a working mother I prayed I would be there to hear the first little words from those sweet lips. 

Big Girl was on the young side when she said her first word. 

It was Halloween morning. After she was born in the summer. She was in her car seat on the way to a party. She was in the back jabbering and giggling. I pulled up to a red light and stopped the car. When the car stopped she stopped talking. After a moment I checked the mirror and looked at her.

As I looked in the mirror she said, "go." I swear. Clear as day. Go.

I was pretty much astonished. Figured there was no way that my little baby actually said, "go" in a meaningful way. I figured it was just ironic. Humorous. But ironic. 

When we got to the party, I was getting her out of the car and told her that we were a little late, that her friends were already having fun. (As if she understood what that meant.) After I set up the stroller and snapped her car seat in she looked at me again. I checked the break on the stroller. Check. Dug through the diaper bag to make sure I had everything. Then I heard it again. "Go."

I remember it like it was yesterday. 

She was a tiny little thing that kept saying go. 

As I pushed the stroller into the party she said it two or three more times. When I walked faster she smiled and giggled. 

I tested her. When I stopped she said it again. 

Clear as freakin' day. 

No one believed me. So the next day she did it again for my dad. 

And. She hasn't stopped talking since. 

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