Thursday, April 4, 2013

Quick Craft

Y'all know I like monograms. If you missed my previous monogram post, hop over here and check it out. 

This weekend I rounded up some art supplies. Some from the pile of stuff from my Mom's attic clean out, some from other left overs from the reworking of our master bedroom. (If you want to see this project, scroll through the Raised in Raleigh Instagram feed from November.)

Excuse this picture being sideways. Y'all know I'm Photoshop challenged.
For the project, I took an old wooden frame, removed the national honor society certificate and the glass. Then I got my spray paint out. 

High gloss white for the old frame, yellow (leftover from our bedroom lamps) and silver for the letter B. The B was left from a prior project that I gave up on because it was too tough. 

When the paint dried, I staple gunned the B to the cardboard, then lined everything up in the frame and stapled the cardboard to the frame. Once it was all in place, I trimmed the extra cardboard with a knife. 

Once I have a few more pieces together for the master bedroom it will be perfect on our wall. 


  1. Feeling silly right now but the pic showed the B on its side and I thought it was a mask. I think it is time for a glass of wine!!! M

    1. When I saw the sideways "B" in the thumbnail, I thought it was an owl. I think we've come up with two more projects for you....