Monday, May 27, 2013

Smells Good!

Last week - I think it was Tuesday - I dropped a bottle of perfume. (It broke.) Today's I'm smelling my perfume again. Unfortunately, its in the laundry.

Let me back up for a moment and tell you this story from the beginning.

It was a busy morning. Getting ready for work in a hurry after staying up past midnight to prepare for meetings at the office. After a quick shower, I pulled on dress pants and a blazer. One of the go to outfits in my closet, clean and ready to go. I put on the jewelry, makeup and shoes that went with it somewhat blindly, wishing I could curl back up in the bed.

In my hustle to get ready so hubby could walk out the door on time, after I stayed in bed 10 minutes late, I still had lotion on my hands when i reached for the perfume. I didn't grip it tightly, and it slid to the floor. Breaking less than an inch from my foot instantly creating a cloud of Dolce and Gabbana that drifted throughout the house.

Down the hall to Big Girls' bathroom where she was getting ready, to the kitchen where hubby was packing lunches. It was/is the nice quality perfume that you really just need one spray to get through the day. However on this day, the house had taken a dosing worth a year or more.

So, I mopped most of it up with a washcloth. The bath mat was also soaked, but I decided to leave it. "Couldn't be too bad to leave a little fresh scent in the house," I thought to myself.

It was too much. By Saturday I was embarrassed and I think hubby was a little annoyed that the smell was lingering. So, I decided to wash the rug. I threw it in with the kids bathroom rugs. Double rinsed just in case and threw them in the dryer and went in to cook dinner.

About 20 minutes later, I walked through the house and caught a little whiff. Rose the One, making its way in from the laundry room, through the garage and playroom and into the dinning area.

Not the worst. Especially since hubby had been working in the yard all day. A little pleasant scent may be just what we need.

The load of laundry was finished and as I switched the next load to the dryer the scent got stronger, so I re-rinsed them. After the second rinse I went ahead and put them in the dryer. Three load later, there is still a faint scent on the clothes.

I thought about re-washing everything again, but decided it wasn't worth it. The clothes are clean. Washing them again would be a lot of work, and I've got a game of High-Ho-Cherry-O waiting on me.

P.S. The day of the spill I rinsed my feet off in the tub before going to work. The girl in the cube next to me said it was bearable.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Shiny and Clean!

I'm a sucker for a quick fix. Craft. Dinner. DIY. If its the latest quick solution, I'll try it. I'll also try the latest products at the grocery store and Target. The demo ladies know me. Seriously. They do.

So, needless to say when Pintest entered my life - whenever that was - I started trying all kinds of things.

- T-Shirt Rugs
- Birthday Sign
- Holiday Crafts
- Killing Weeds with Dawn solution - worked!
- Baking Soda to clean the shower - also worked
- Rubbing Alcohol to put a compact back together - didn't work

My latest attempt? A quick fix to clean silver.

It was truly nasty, so I started by lining the kitchen sink with aluminum foil, added 1/4 cup of baking soda and 1/4 cup of salt. Then started boiling water on the stove. Took a picture while I was waiting for the water. 

When the water was roaring I poured it into the sink. 

Within a few minutes a minor miracle (or basic science something that my dad could explain) occurred. 

Little Man woke up from his nap, so I flipped the silver over and let it sit longer than the recommended 30 minutes, but when I returned it was lookin' nice and shiny.

I quickly drained the sink and set the silver aside.

Later after the kids were in bed I rinsed it off and dried it with a towel to remove water spots. 

Fanciness. I'm ready for some kinda party. Who wants to come over and drink wine eat ice cream have veggies and dip. Hey. Veggies go with this tray. I'll still have wine for you.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

No Longer a Hater

If you have been following along - for more than a few days - you know that I dislike (ahem) really dislike laundry.  

You've seen me post photos of hating on laundry.

And entire blog posts about it. Like here earlier this week. And here awhile back. 

Maybe it was the magic of Mother's Day, or the magic of possible scrutiny by all y'all Raised in Raleigh followers. BUT. I had all kinds of laundry help the other day. And I am here to tell you it was FANTASTIC. 

Yes. Me. Sarah. Landry. Fantastic. 

Hubby and I folding. Kids helping fold (or unfold in the case of little man who wanted to "me do it!") and put things on hangers. Then all three of them running around the house putting things away. 

Here is your basket. Your basket. Your basket. The kids helped hubby. He helped them. I kept folding. They would bring me more hangers. 

Many hands make light work. This was a true example. We had the weekly laundry pile knocked out in less than an hour. Seriously. Five, maybe six loads in an hour. Amazingness.

I loved it. They all seemed to enjoy working together. 

PS - I would show you a picture of my couch and coffee table without laundry, but I'm going to bed early!