Tuesday, May 14, 2013

No Longer a Hater

If you have been following along - for more than a few days - you know that I dislike (ahem) really dislike laundry.  

You've seen me post photos of hating on laundry.

And entire blog posts about it. Like here earlier this week. And here awhile back. 

Maybe it was the magic of Mother's Day, or the magic of possible scrutiny by all y'all Raised in Raleigh followers. BUT. I had all kinds of laundry help the other day. And I am here to tell you it was FANTASTIC. 

Yes. Me. Sarah. Landry. Fantastic. 

Hubby and I folding. Kids helping fold (or unfold in the case of little man who wanted to "me do it!") and put things on hangers. Then all three of them running around the house putting things away. 

Here is your basket. Your basket. Your basket. The kids helped hubby. He helped them. I kept folding. They would bring me more hangers. 

Many hands make light work. This was a true example. We had the weekly laundry pile knocked out in less than an hour. Seriously. Five, maybe six loads in an hour. Amazingness.

I loved it. They all seemed to enjoy working together. 

PS - I would show you a picture of my couch and coffee table without laundry, but I'm going to bed early!

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