Thursday, June 27, 2013

'Lil Summer Craft

When I look for a craft there are a few criteria that I pretty much stick to. 
  • Easy. Enough to involve one or both kids. Somehow. 
  • Inexpensive. $5 - $10 or less if possible. 
  • Supplies on hand. The last thing I want is to have to go search out some super unique little thing or another. Especially if that thing comes in a package of 500 and I need 2. Ugh. Stinkin' googly eyes.
  • Give it away. We love to craft and do artsy things. If we kept everything we made, my house would be more cluttered than it is. If we can have the fun of making something and not have to dust it - awesome!
From time to time I'll take on a project that doesn't meet these criteria, but not often. 

Earlier this summer (I know I'm totally behind in posting this!) we made a cute wind chime for Grandad for his birthday. It met all of the criteria, so we were excited to get started.

I started by looking through the pantry for cans that would nest one inside the other. Then I figured out what meals to make to use up the food in the cans within a few day. 

True story.

After about four days we had five cans. 

I double checked that they fit one inside the other and laid out newspaper for Big Girl to prime them while I made dinner. She was in the office and I was 10 feet away in the kitchen. 

As I was cooking I started to notice some fumes. So, I opened a window and turned on a fan. If you decide to prime, you may want to do so outside. Don't know why I didn't think of this before she started. May have been related to the fussing toddler, timer and ringing phone. Don't know. Just sayin.'

After the cans dried she picked out acrylic paints and choose two cans that she would allow her brother to paint. He was super excited running around with a brush saying screaming that he was "pinking." 

Cue I can't paint without pants on meltdown. 

Crazy mom that I am, I thought that the best way for a two-year-old to use acrylic paint would be in a diaper, but I was wrong. So, I tried an old shirt. Of mine. Better, but he still HAD to have pants. pants. So I put his shorts back on under the dress of a shirt he was wearing and the painting got underway.

He sat in my lap and it went well.

The next evening after everything dried hubby helped up poke holes in the bottom of each can and big girl and I strung them together. We thought about using twine, but decided on a thin nylon rope, hoping it will last longer. 

I was at a total loss of what to put at the end of the wind chime. 

We had a pile of old hot wheels in the garage. I dug through and found a tractor. Perfect for a garden wind chime and easy to tie to the rope.

The cans nested pretty snuggly, so it didn't make much noise. Fine with us, but it you'd like a noisier version, you may want to try fewer cans with more of a difference in sizes. 

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