Sunday, July 7, 2013


A few days ago I mentioned that our blueberries are struggling a bit. They've had plenty of fruit on them, but none that survived the birds long enough to make it to our bellies.

So over the long weekend we decided to go pick some blueberries instead. The Vollmer Farm was not too far out of our way to the Mudcats game (another fave of our kids!) so it was perfect. 

It was a weekday evening close to closing time, so it wasn't too busy. We headed straight out to the field and started filling our buckets with berries. 

Big Girl was super excited to pick berries, and to show us where she had gone on a field trip, but she got super distracted by bugs (i.e. almost immobilized by focusing on swatting them - girly girl!). Little Man, who hadn't been as excited to pick berries loved it.

The blueberry bushes were low enough he could reach them. He loved finding the "bu" ones and running to put them in a bucket. 

He also loved picking the raspberries. Totally ironic since he doesn't like anything that pokes him and he won't eat either of them!

While he was picking berries, she took the camera. So, no pics of her on this adventure.

After a quick visit to the pirate ship and airplane on the playground we headed off to the baseball game. 

Another picture courtesy of my girl! 

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