Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Growing, Growing, Growing

Every kid grows. Its part of being a kid. And so, buying new clothes and shoes is part of being a mom.

Let me pause for just a moment on shoes, because we are really going through some shoes at our house.

In December, Big Girl and I went shoe shopping. She got three pairs of shoes at one store and two pairs at another store in one day. Brown riding style boots, running/basketball shoes, black patent leather flats, silver flats, and something else I can't remember at the moment. Maybe rain boots? It was no small investment. Particularly now that she has moved into the women's department.

Friends with small feet take note - there is a list of adults she knows waiting patiently chomping at the bit for her feet to grow because I buy her cute, nice shoes. She has now passed two of them and while their feet are stylin', I'm not smilin.'

After the super fun mother-daughter bonding of shoe shopping in December, I was pretty surprised to look over this weekend and see her toes stretching the fabric out past the end of the shoe of her sneakers.

I checked Instagram (because I posted a picture of her smiling face at the shoe store during our prior adventure) - almost exactly four months. And we are headed back.

Now that she is a size 7.5 womens. (If you have anything cute and age appropriate we're glad for a very short term loan), I decided to try sneaker shopping online.

The last pair were so cute, and fit great, so I began the search. In 10 minutes we had found the style online and picked a color. She made it easy, going with the exact same color as before. The next question is dress shoes. Her least favorite - probably because its so tough to find something appropriate for an 8 year old in a 7.5 womens.

Wish me luck!

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  1. Well hello long lost blogging SIL! I'll look and see if I have any 7 1/2 shoes for Kayla. :) Miss y'all!