Hi y'all. I'm Sarah. A southern momma and social media addict. Also camera addict. Crafty. Laundry hater. Garden lover. Technically challenged. Semi-organized but clutter drives me crazy (see the conflict here?).

I love my family, my job and my blog, but sometimes its all a little much. But isn't it for anyone?

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Now to the rest of the family. I need new pictures, but can never quite get them out of the camera and onto the blog the way that I would like.

Big Girl
Seven! Going on 17. Cuteness, cuteness, cuteness plus attitude (in the best possible way) plus brains. Loves to read. Loves math. Loves her teachers. You may see her refered to as BG, Big or K.


Little Man
He's only a few months old now, but he loves the ladies. When he sees a girl he starts to grin. Sports shirts that say "Get in Line Girls" and "Babe Magnet." What are we going to do when Big Girl is 16 and he is 11? Her friends better watch out.

Socer super star. Brew master. Patient and loving father. I hear stories that he had quite the temper when he was a kid, so every day I'm crossing my fingers that its not in the genes.