Really. We are craftier than we let on. However its not always easy to find time to make cute and tasty things.

Wine Cork Christmas Tree
This cute Christmas tree was so easy. You should try it with your little ones!
Funky T-Shirt Rugs

Making a t-shirt rug was so simple that I almost let my daughter help. But honestly it was fun and I wanted it to be a project just for me. You can also use outgrown kids clothes and out of style/pre-kids clothes that you don't wear anymore. A few hours and you have a funky and functional rug.

Rockin' Birthday Sign

I am in love with this sign. It was easy. It was inexpensive and it can be used over and over. If you love it as much as I d and want the template, shoot me an e-mail and I'll be glad to send it. Unfortunately the only way to upload is a pdf and then you can't edit add your child's name.

Fall Monogram
This may be one of my favorite projects of the last year. For sure its the best zero budget one. Ever. Diaper box, pencil, paint (optional) leaves. Simple. Sophistocated. Love it!

Baby's Family Book

Start with a board book (perhaps one of your not favorites?) add photos, cute sticky letters, modge podge and - ta-daa! Awesome book to keep little one entertained.

Super Tasty Jam
Strawberries are one of our favorite summer time treats. From picking them as a family, eating the in the field (go before lunch!) to making tasty treats or just eating them alone - delicious.

One of our favorite things to make with them is jam. Keep it for yourself or give it as a gift. You can also use this recipe for blackberries and other fruits.

Summer Wall Hanging
This project was such a success. About a half dozen personalized gifts for under $12. It doesn't get much better. Well. Maybe if you let the kids wrap it!

Nursery Wall Art
Totally a boutique knock-off. Gotta love that. At less than $10, you'll love this project too.

Baby Food
Oh so simple. Oh so tasty - for little ones. And healthy. Perfect.
Here are the directions.